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Empowering Deaf youth to access sexual health information and services in Uganda.


SignHealth, Deaf Child Worldwide (DCW), and Uganda National Deaf Association aim to transform the way that Deaf young people access sexual and reproductive health information through training peer leaders, health workers and educators. Most of Uganda’s 160,000 Deaf children grow up with limited to no support with communication or language. They miss out on conversations and education about sexual relationships, abuse, pregnancy and HIV, because peers, teachers, and health workers can’t communicate with them. This leaves them vulnerable to HIV—the second leading cause of adolescent death in Uganda.

Throughout the Amplify programme, SignHealth partnered with DCW to provide comprehensive sexual education in three districts, combined with training in sign language and communication. The team worked with designers to develop a communication tool to help Deaf children and teens to converse more effectively with their families. Additionally, the design team developed visual informational materials to support service providers to provide better care for Deaf youth.

Through outreach events and revised communication tools, both Deaf youth and their families are empowered to seek services and ultimately create change in their communities.

Empowering Communities

Service providers are provided with the tools and knowledge to appropriately communicate and support Deaf youth.

Visual tools empower families and deaf children alike to communicate effectively.

Community hubs including schools and other institutions perceive the potential of Deaf youth in their communities.

Impact Through Amplify

540 families received and have used the communications tool developed by SignHealth.
310 service providers received and have used the communications tool by SignHealth
80% of families who have used the communications tool have shifted their perspective on the potential of their Deaf children.

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