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Birds and the Bees​


Deaf Young People’s Consultation Uganda, April 2017

Deaf Child Worldwide is working in partnership with Sign Health Uganda and Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) to develop the Birds and the Bees project.

The project will use a peer educator approach to teach deaf young people about issues such as sexual and reproductive health, so that they in turn can give advice, counselling and training to other deaf young people.

The project will give young deaf peer leaders training in communication skills, confidence and leadership, as well as extensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information so that they can establish youth groups and networks in their communities and reach other deaf young people (DYP) to provide advice and support.

This report summarises consultation activities held with deaf young people during April 2017 to explore their knowledge of SRH, and their experiences of accessing information and support, in order to influence the development of this project and ensure that it is designed in the way that DYP feel is effective and accessible.

The consultation involved the delivery of full day focus groups with DYP in three different locations; Kampala, Masaka and Jinja. The activities were designed to be accessible and engaging to DYP who have low literacy skills and minimal or no experience of being involved in consultation, and provided an opportunity for those who took part to confidently share their experiences and opinions.

The session elicited interesting discussions about how DYP access information, where their gaps in sexual health information are, and what issues they feel most strongly about.

Participants were also given the opportunity to create plans for how they felt a SRH project for deaf young people should run, and how best to engage with their deaf peers. The results of the consultation and the recommendations made by the young people involved are contained in this report.

The focus groups were each held for a full day, running from 10 am – 4 pm. Overall 34 DYP (15 male, 19 female) aged between 16 and 29 yrs took part in the consultations.

Information from the consultation was gathered by note taking, photography and film, and by collecting the young people’s activity sheets at the end of each session.

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