Message from the Executive Director 

Since its inception and subsequent launch in Uganda on the 24th September 2009 with blessings of World Federation of the
Deaf (WFD) president Markku Jokinen, SignHealth Uganda (SU) has grown in stature and scope in a journey punctuated by several challenges as well as learning and interesting moments. With high expectations from many of our valuable partners and stakeholders, we set ourselves on to the task of climbing a great mountain, of which we are still climbing.
We came on stage cognisant of social the great contribution of other partner organisations on which we have built, in
promoting equitable access to social services and opportunities for Deaf children and their families. In the pursuit of this, SU has carried out extensive research and community surveys on awareness and accessibility of social services for Deaf people particularly: education, health and Early Childhood Development covering Arua, Kumi, Mbarara, Gulu and Masaka districts. With support from our development partners, we have embarked on the heavy task of turning the research findings into workable projects.
With the emergence of more partners, new technology and other countless opportunities within our midst, I believe that deaf children and adults should gain greater visibility, get access to Information and knowledge; and strengthen networks that connect them to available services.
Ultimately on behalf of SU, I wish to extend our profound gratitude to all our partners, particularly SignHealth UK and the Woodford Foundation, who have been extremely supportive and encouraging. Your encouragement has yielded many fruits for the organisation that has guaranteed our expansion on our staff number from a lonely manager in may 2009 to four, a high profile Board of 9 members led by Dr. Akim Okuni , shifting into our current location on plot 99 martyrs’ way and launching of a pre-school project for deaf children at Uganda School for the Deaf – with a solid plan of expanding similar projects to other schools for the deaf to give them a firm foundation in their formal education.
We look forward to your cooperation, information sharing and networking.