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Sign Health Uganda (SU) is a NGO formed in 2009, to promote equitable access to social services and opportunities for Deaf children and their families in Uganda through advocacy, cost effective and sustainable services. The primary target group are young deaf people and their families. The secondary target groups are partner institutions especially these working in areas of deafness to share on emerging issues, best practices and research.
In 2009 SU carried out a research study on the state of services for the deaf in Uganda and the findings showed a grim reality of limited access to services by the deaf especially the young people. To bridge the gap, Sign Health Uganda is currently contributing to:

  • Health concerns of deaf young people; including ,mental health, HIV/AIDs and reproductive health
  • Training in communication skills between community service providers and the deaf for easy service delivery
  • Promote the formation and strengthening of existing associations of and for the deaf including parent support groups
  • Conduct and support research on Deafness and emerging best practices
  • Support rehabilitation programs of deaf children by engaging other partners and referrals