The state of services for Deaf and Deafblind persons in Uganda

To be honest, we have no capacity to provide services to Deaf and Deafblind People (Director of Health Services in one of the districts of the study).

Generation and sharing of information of issues and services for Deaf people is key objectives of the development planning in our efforts to promote access to services for deaf people to fulfil their maximum physical, intellectual, emotional, and social potential. Apart from informing our planning, this information will also help to build a resource base for raising awareness on issues of the target group as well as advocacy engagements with other disability actors.

Field work for this study was conducted in four districts of Mbarara, Arua , Gulu ,and Kumi mainly targeting northern Uganda which was purposely selected for its unique position as an area recovering from the 20 years of insurgency . The research team was led by Ambrose Murangira (BA. SWASA, MA SSPM), who is also the Chairperson UNAD, specifically selected for his knowledge of issues of deafness and disability work.

As contained here the study presents a challenging picture of the extent and quality of services for Deaf and Deafblind people but also observes some commendable efforts and potential for our intervention. This hope mainly arises from the enabling legal and policy framework, great support and vigilance of disabled peoples groups as well as the emergence of new development actors in the areas of deafness and deafblindness.

We are very grateful to Ambrose the lead reasercher, all the participants in this study and all the development partners for your material and moral support for our work.

For God and my country.