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One’s of SignHealth Uganda’s objectives is supporting and promotion of access to educational and health related services for Deaf young people and their families to fulfil their maximum physical, intellectual, emotional and social potential. This is achieved throughthe following programmes:

Programme Approach
Our implementation strategy is that of “partnership”. We develop through a consultative process, guidelines for selecting partners from among organisations of Deaf, Deafblind people and family support groups, which we support financially and technically to implement programmes.

Development Partners
The establishment of Sign Health Uganda was supported by two main partners:

  1. Sign Health UK
  2. and The Woodford Foundation

Both partners are based in the United Kingdom, UK.

We have also received technical and financial support from DCW, UNDP, and other Development partners.

Sign Health Uganda is also a member of different networks including IWD, NAVE, and other Disability foras under NUDIPU.